Professor Nakagami's Class

提供: 高偉俊研究室
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All students will be divided into 7 groups, and each group will be asked to choose one from the following 7 topics to make a presentation in PowerPoint format Please use this template
Presentation Time: 30 minutes for each group (22-minute presentation & 10-minute question)
Every group selects their designated paper to summarize it from the following points of view,

1)Background(must include)
2)Objective/purpose(must include)
3)method(must include)
6)your evaluation(good thing)
7)your evaluation(bad thing/need further study)
9)summary(must include)
11)your opinion
12)your suggestion
13)other research about this topic

Each student should make 1-2 page PPT to describe the above item.
You can summarize it from reading the designated paper or seraching from the homepage to find the same field paper to support your idea.